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Stoned Saint Moon is home to a collection of retro, fun vintage pieces located in the eclectic neighbourhood of Islington. Owners Tabbatha and Tyler Gibbs have collated one-of-a kind vintage pieces from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This authentically cool space is our new go-to destination to find something a little bit different to make the ultimate fashion statement.


Describe your style in three words:
Quirky, diverse, colourful.


What inspired you to open up a vintage store?
If you’re a creative person you know that when you’re doing something you’re passionate about you work 10 times harder, so deciding to work for myself made sense. I also wanted to contribute to the creative scene of Newcastle and not just expect it. Plus owning your own shop means life become one big treasure hunt.


Where is your go to place to shop in Newcastle?
Islington of course! There are so many great independent businesses that surround us! You can get lost for hours finding vintage goodies.


Why do you buy vintage?
Buying vintage ticks many boxes for us, we have so much in this world already that we believe it’s really important to reduce and reuse. It’s also so enjoyable finding one of a kind pieces and wondering what life they have already lived. The quality of clothing these days too just isn’t what it used to be.


Who are your retro style icons?
Anita Pallenberg, Brigette Bardot, Brian Jones, Debbie Harry, Early Dylan.


Which decade would you travel back in time to for the fashion?
The Seventies.


How do you like to style your vintage for an everyday outfit?
Find your statement piece, team it with something casual and comfy, then over accessorise with something fun.