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One of our favourite and most inspiring social media accounts to follow is that of fashion and travel blogger, Shiralee Coleman.

Her beautiful images depict a fascinating life spent exploring the wonders of fashion, romantic cities and the latest trends from runways across the world.

Shiralee is currently in Sydney attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and was kind enough to spend 5 (ok, maybe a little longer) minutes with Façon. Shiralee also shot for us in her fave city, Paris, for Façon Book Three.

Q: As we speak, you currently have a following of 251K people, is it safe to say that this is now your fulltime job?

A: Yes, blogging and shooting is my full time job now. I also do some social media and PR consulting which really goes hand-in-hand with my page.

Q: How long has it taken you to get to this point?

A: I have been running my own business and in my 4th year now. Its started off as mainly a PR firm representing fashion clients. Now it’s heavily focused on my blog and creative side.

Q: What were you doing prior to finding success as an influencer?

A: I worked as a PR agent previously working both in house for fashion labels, and also in an agency.

Q: Your life online looks a dream, is it really that good?

A: I am very grateful to be able to say on those days where the magic images happen and the stars align: It really is that good.

The stunning locations and the beautiful garments I get to wear are like a dream. But like anything in life – there is balance! I also spend a lot of time in my office planning, sourcing, editing, styling. There is down time between the trips and I need that too in order to make those dream days happen.

Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: When I am at home:  Get up, Coffee! Cuddle my dog. Check emails. Work out, then breakfast. Office work again. Shoot for clients // Go see my clients. Dinner. Repeat.

When I am travelling: Wake Up, Coffee, Sun, Swim, Shoot. Explore. Repeat, with some wine in between ☺

Q: Where do you call home and how often are you in transit? 

A: Home is in Newcastle but travel weekly to Sydney for work.
I am about to move to California this August! Which is super exciting.

The current routine is that I am home in Australia for 1-2 months then away 1 month.

Q: Where are you travelling to next?

A: June – Spain, Greece and France. This will be an epic trip! I have some really exciting places lined up. Stay tuned to see this on my Instagram very soon.

Q: Do you have a travel sponsor? How do you finance such an extravagant life?

A: I get paid by the brands to shoot the garments I wear, and I collaborate with the hotels I feature.

Q: The same with all the amazing clothes you wear – are they yours or are they lent to you to promote?

A: I own most of the things I wear. The one off couture design pieces are lent to me as these are super special. Its safe to say my wardrobe is extensive, and insane!

Q: Do you completely manage your own page or do you have a manager? 

A: I completely manage my own page. I am a perfectionist when it comes to this, if you can tell 😉 I can never really see anyone ever managing my page because of this

Q: Who takes all the images? Insta-boyfriend?

A: I have a few go-to favourites when it comes to taking photos. My mum and best friend do a fantastic job when I am home and have always been part of this since Day One. My favourite professional photograhers are Ben Scott, Nathalie Saruhashi and Montel and we shoot some really amazing editorials a few times a year. And yes! While abroad, my insta boyfriend takes my photos, and is such great fun to shoot with. We have the best time exploring, travelling and shooting.

Q: You always look flawless, what kind of preparation goes into being a fashion blogger?

A: The beauty side is quite a lot of work. I have such a great team who really take care of me. Seamless 1 and Culture Bar and Co do the most incredible job looking after my hair, and I am all about my hair. If the hair looks good, the photos will be good! My skin is looked after the one and only Matty Samaei, Real Housewife of Sydney and beauty expert. Medispa by Matty have the best treatments in Sydney!

Q: Will you be at Fashion Week?

A: I will be attending Fashion Week and cannot wait! Its always an exciting week and I love seeing all the designer’s new collections. I also really enjoy catching up with everyone in the industry and seeing what everyone is wearing. Plus getting a photo or two. Haha

Q: What shows are you most looking forward to seeing?

A: Steven Khali and Zhivago are always favourites of mine! I absolutely love their collections, every single time.

Q: What are your top 5 tips to growing social media?

A: Here they are:

1. Take clear photos with a camera.

2. Create a recurring theme on your page that identifies with your target audience

3. Create unique content and plan your layout visually

4. Make it fun and personal, and most importantly make it your own.

5. Post often

Q: How often do you recommend posting?

A: Every day, in the morning and evenings.  Peak days are Sunday, Mondays and Wednesday.

Q: If you weren’t an influencer, what would you be?

A: I would own Pet Hotel! I am obsessed with dogs….

Q: Favourite place on earth?

A: This is such a hard question to answer. The place I keep going back to the most is Paris! Paris really does have my heart. We have just came back from shooting an editorial for Façon during Paris Fashion Week, be sure to check it out!

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