A Spotlight on The Negroni: QT Serves Bitter & Twisted Takes For The Month of September

QT Hotels & Resort’s in Australia celebrate their most beloved cocktails for the month of September, with a menu that’s Bitter & Twisted.

Bitter & Twisted is a month-long menu of six new-age Negronis, each stirred with layers of local influence, putting all preconceived Negroni notions in the past. A series of libations only QT concoctors could possibly dream up, QT’s award-winning bars and restaurants have each lent their bitter and twisted take on the Campari cult-classic cocktail to the lineup.

Guests can take a tour through QT’s city locales, from wherever they call home, with the whole suite of sips are available across; QT Sydney’s Gowings, Capitol Bar & Grill of QT Canberra, Stingray at QT Gold Coast and QT Newcastle, QT Melbourne, QT Perth’s Rooftop at QT and Santini Bar & Grill.

Bitter & Twisted offers new-fashioned Negronis:

QT x Four Pillars Ordered Chaos Gin + Mancino Sakura Vermouth + Campari + Aperol

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin + Campari + Bianco Vermouth + Elderflower Liqueur

Bulldog Gin + Campari + Mr Black Coffee + Sweet Vermouth

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin + Dry Vermouth + Suze + Campari + Peach Bitters + Yuzu Soda

Bulldog Gin + Campari + Antica Formula Vermouth + Chocolate Bitters

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin + Solerno Blood Orange Liquor + Campari

Celebrate the moody masterpiece of Italian aperitivo origin, which embraces Negroni Week (12 – 18 September), an annual ode to the popular cocktail. It’s about to get all bitter and twisted… in the best way possible.

Available until September 30, 2022. More on QT’s Bitter & Twisted here.

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