The world of fashion is more accessible than ever thanks to popular reality shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model, and while it can appear all together glamorous, it’s also a fickle business and only the very best will succeed.

In September 2016, Façon was privileged to shoot the original ANTM winner, Gemma Sanderson.

Gemma is a true example of someone who has made it big and stayed relevant for the better part of two decades: no mean feat.

With hundreds of pretty faces to compete with on a daily basis, Gemma long ago realized that old-fashioned hard work and simply showing up on time with a fresh face and good manners can go along way. She also learnt as a young model, to always know your own worth.

As Gemma was rising to fame in the mid 00s, editor-in-chief, Lara Lupish was also carving out an international career as a celebrity stylist. She says that she has seen some incredibly talented individuals shot themselves in the foot through bad manners, treating designer clothes with disrespect and generally being a complete prima donna.

“The fashion world has no time for models with self inflated egos,” Lara says. “Work hard, be respectful and give everything on shoot day, and labels will rebook you and stylists will want to work with you. Don’t…and there will be someone else who does.”

Gemma continues to enjoy an international career, walking the major European runways and working with international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Very, Anthropologie, David Jones, ASOS and Topshop and appearing in magazines Elle, Marie Claire, Cleo, Grazia UK and FHM, Gemma

Working with Gemma on the Façon cover shoot was an absolute pleasure, with the team shooting seven different looks and working with labels including Vera Wang, Bally, Marimekko and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Gemma has already agreed to shoot with the team again for Book Three and we couldn’t be luckier.