Carla Zampatti’s Triumphant Return to Australian Fashion Week

In a grand tribute to the late fashion luminary, Carla Zampatti, Australian Fashion Week witnessed the resurrection of her eponymous label on the illustrious Carla Zampatti Runway. Under the stewardship of new creative director, Karlie Ungar, the label unveiled its Resort ’25 collection in a spectacular showcase that left attendees in awe. Façon was lucky enough to attend the show and was blown away by its sheer elegance and statement-making pieces.

After a four-year hiatus from Sydney’s premier fashion event, Carla Zampatti’s return was not merely a homecoming but a bold statement of intent. With aspirations to captivate global markets, the label’s chief executive, Alex Schuman, emphasized the significance of this milestone as they set their sights on international expansion.

With its opening short film, Carla Zampatti harkened back to the brand’s roots – The word “DINASTIA” flashing up on screen along with the definition: “1. a family, house or clan; 2. a succession or series of members of an exclusive dynastic family or lineage group; 3. influence, importance, power, nobility, transcendence.”

The runway spectacle transported viewers into a realm where sophistication reigned supreme. Far from typical resort wear, the collection exuded an aura of refined elegance fit for boardroom power players and glamorous soirées alike. High necklines commanded attention, complemented by statement metallic accessories and towering heels that exuded confidence and authority.

A procession of impeccably tailored ensembles graced the catwalk, showcasing a palette that ranged from earthy olive greens and mustard yellows to serene azure blues and lustrous blacks. The artful layering of sheer fabrics added depth and allure to each look, with gauzy skirts peeking from beneath long belted vests, a testament to the label’s mastery of craftsmanship.

As admirers revel in Carla Zampatti’s triumphant return to the forefront of fashion, Karlie Ungar’s designs have seamlessly captured the essence of the label, honoring its rich heritage while infusing it with a contemporary edge. From humble beginnings as a single mother defying the odds to establish her own fashion empire in 1965, Carla Zampatti’s journey has inspired generations of Australian women to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

With each stitch, Carla Zampatti’s legacy lives on, a beacon of strength, resilience, and unwavering style. As the fashion world eagerly awaits the label’s international debut, one thing is certain: the spirit of Carla Zampatti will continue to shine brightly, illuminating runways and hearts alike for years to come.

Keep reading to see some of Façon’s favourite looks from the runway! Images by Paul Dear.

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