In Book Four, Façon interviewed Iconic Australian Dannii Minogue…

In 2017 you made a return to music with the independent release of your singles holding on and galaxy, and your first ever australian national tour performing with Nineties UK pop legends, Take That.

After a hiatus from music, what brought you back to the dance floor?

Disco is always with me, and always will be. It never left my side. I took a break from releasing music when I took on the new role of ‘motherhood’ – this is something so special to me, that I wanted to give it all my attention. Now Ethan is settled in school and I feel like I know what I am doing being a mum, I decided to get back in the music scene. I love how it has evolved and, as a self-proclaimed geek, I embrace the digital age of music whole heartedly.

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Image: Courtesy of Dannii Minogue

To read more of our interview with Dannii pick up a copy of Façon Book Four, The Iconic Australians Issue at a newsagent near you.

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