Dita Von Teese’s Tips to bring the Va-Va-Voom into Valentine’s Day

The annual day of love is almost upon us, and glamour icon Dita Von Teese is encouraging women to up the romance stakes on February 14 in lingerie that will make them feel seductive, confident and sophisticated.

“I’m a firm believer you don’t have to wait for your partner to buy lingerie for you on Valentine’s Day. Select some stunning pieces that make you feel confident and sexy not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day,” says Dita.

The burlesque star has some tips when it comes to buying and wearing lingerie this Valentine’s Day.
“If it’s your first time buying beautiful lingerie then invest in a classic black lace set. Black lace is so elegant and sexy and looks good on every woman, at every age and stage of her life. Once you’ve taken the leap however, don’t be afraid to add a little playfulness to your lingerie wardrobe. My lingerie line includes shades like Neon Candy, Flame and Shady Spruce, so try lingerie that’s a little out of character.”

“No matter what your fashion style is, you can have a secret persona underneath your clothes. I always encourage people to play with that idea and be willing to try new things,” Dita says.

The right size can make the world of difference when it comes to lingerie.

“Buying the right size is important so try to have a professional bra fitting and don’t be clouded by what size you’d like to be! This is why I have the option to shop by size via my website, as well as a size guide for reference. Overall, purchase the size that looks and feels good, not based on the number or size on the tag. My best advice is to find something you love, and then cut the tag out because you don’t need it!”

Dita’s advice for men shopping for their partners this Valentine’s Day is to do their research, have a peek at her lingerie drawer, and write down the size. You can even steal a piece from her drawer to take into the store and show the sales assistant, to ensure you select something that is the right size, but also matches her style.

“Definitely don’t look at the sales assistant and say, “she’s about your size,” she adds cheekily.

To add an extra element of seduction, Dita suggests adding a suspender to the ensemble.

“I love garter belts, they’re elegant, erotic and flattering. To spice things up, try wearing them the French way with your underwear over the garter belt. And I can let you in on a secret – many of us are concerned about the shape of our thighs, which is a great reason to wear a garter belt and stockings, because they create a lovely frame on a woman’s body.”

Dita says that comfort and quality are also key.

“Good quality lingerie can be comfortable and sexy, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. With my own lingerie collection, I focus on creating pieces that ooze glamour, but are so comfortable and functional that they can be worn every day.”

“You also want to select quality pieces that are built to last, keep their shape and continue to look beautiful.”
Some of Dita’s favourite pieces for Valentine’s Day from her own lingerie line include the Glambassador collection, which evokes old-school glamour with a print design that showcases vignettes of Dita’s performances and some of her favourite things, as well as Severine in Neon Candy and Muse in Classic Black.

“These styles will definitely add some spice to your Valentine’s Day, and will also make you feel confident and sexy every day.”

Dita has a long history with lingerie. As a teenager she worked as a lingerie sales assistant and has for many years collected vintage lingerie. She also wears some exotic lingerie in her burlesque shows including Swarovski crystal encrusted designs.

Launching her own lingerie line in 2012, with Australian lingerie experts AB Enterprises, was a natural step in her life-long love of lingerie.

“My lingerie line is an extension of what I love to wear; beautiful, sexy, vintage inspired lingerie with a modern fit and function.” Each collection includes a bra, a selection of knicker options and a suspender with some also featuring sexy bustiers and chic chemises.

Dita Von Teese lingerie is available at Dita’s online store www.ditavonteeselingerie.com as well as David Jones and Myer.

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