DNA Organics Primrose Reco Masque Product Review

by | May 30, 2019

“This award-winning hair treatment is a luxurious blend of highly concentrated proteins and vitamins. Fused with certified organic ingredients, this hydrating treatment helps to nourish damaged and brittle hair. The Primrose Reco Masque will be sure to leave your hair looking, feeling and smelling amazing!” – DNA Organic

We put the DNA Organics Primrose Reco Masque to the test. After a quick shampoo we applied the Masque to damp hair. Massaged through them combed to detangle, we wrapped the hair up and left it for 3 minutes. We then rinsed the hair, towel dried then quickly blow dried the hair out. The result was immediate. Below our 3 points we took from the Primrose Reco Masque.

  1. Fast acting with quick results, you can feel the difference in the hair as you apply the product


  1. Not too heavy. Applies smoothly to the hair and doesn’t leave it feeling heavy with product


  1. Leaves the hair luscious and shiny and feeling silky smooth.


The Primrose Reco Masque was a lovely product to use. There was no need to use an extra product while blow drying. it was super quick and simple – is perfect for the busy women who doesn’t have time for multiple products. It left the hair looking glamorous, full, shiny and soft to touch.

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