Façon’s Top 5 hair products

In the past 18 years of my hairdressing career I’ve tried and tested many different products
– some have been underwhelming while others have been transformative.
Here are my top five products I can’t live without:

First on my list is No.6 Bond Smoother by Olaplex. This leave-in product is ideal for those with coloured hair or who use heat styling tools regularly. Think of No. 6 as a mix between a styling product and a hair treatment. It works to eliminate frizz while also hydrating and protecting your hair, so it’s perfect as a pre-styling treatment for blow drying or straightening your hair.

Evo Sea Salty Dog Spray is the best salt spray I’ve used and unlike a lot of others, it doesn’t go tacky and clumpy in the hair. You can spray a substantial amount on your hair and still be able to get your brush through it. It is perfect to put in before blow drying and to help your curls party all night long.

If you would like more of a shine, I recommend Wella Perfect Setting Spray. This product has changed the game for the better when it comes to fashion styling, and like Evo’s Salty Dog Spray, it doesn’t weigh the hair down. It gives intense hair control and long-lasting sh ape. I highl y recommend using this product before your blow dry and when you are planning to heat style your hair, whether straight or wavy.

If you are a regular user of dry shampoo, you can’t go past Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. It is essential for those with fine hair as it creates the finest workable textures and body. Spray in dry hair after styling from the roots out and fluff it through with your fingers. It will give you the volume you have always dreamed of.

For those with shorter hair, I think Evo Casual Act is the best moulding whip on the market. It has a light, flexible hold that washes out easily and doesn’t leave your hands feeling waxy every time you touch your hair. All you need is an amount about the size of a five to 10-cent piece and emulsify it by rubbing between your palms. Massage it through your hair right to the roots. The great thing about Casual Act is that you can refresh your style throughout the day.

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