When I first heard about fat freezing as form of non-surgical lipo I thought it was just another fad that wouldn’t really work! But after experiencing it for myself and now seeing the results of nearly 2500 treatments on our patients since 2014, there is no doubt it is amazing.

You can treat your tummy, arms, love handles, thighs, arms, bra rolls and chin and can expect 20-30% reduction in the fat layer in just a single session. Fat freezing at Renew Medispa by Hunter Plastic Surgery offers permanent fat loss and all treatments come with our money-back guarantee.

And of course, you can have confidence in our expertise based on the fact we have performed nearly 2500 treatments since 2014 and that our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, is available if a patient is weighing up their surgical vs non-surgical options. You don’t get that in any other body sculpting clinic in the Hunter region!

You can book your complimentary consultation with our Dermal Therapists at a time that suits you by calling 4920 7700. Find out more on the website: http://www.hunterplasticsurgery.com.au/procedures/coolsculpting/

A real life patient experience

One of our lovely patients, Sian Maggs, is actually a beauty blogger who travelled up from Sydney to experience fat freezing with us.

She was very generous with how much she shared about her experience and she has had excellent results, both from her first session using our CoolSculpting machine and a second session session using our new Cooltech machine.

She was happy to answer all the FAQs below:

What areas you have you had treated?

I had my bra rolls treated twice and love handles once. The second season was 14 weeks after my first.

Why have you had a fat freezing procedure? 

I had the fat freezing treatment, because I had a problem with the way bra rolls were appearing in  my clothes. I was doing exercise and my tummy was toning and I was starting to feel better about myself but my bra rolls just weren’t disappearing.

What the care at Renew Medispa by Hunter Plastic Surgery like?

The staff at Hunter Plastic Surgery are all fantastic. All the ladies I met were all extremely well trained in using the devices, and all made me feel very comfortable, especially because I was feeling a little nervous incase it was going to hurt.

Can you tell us about the actual freezing experience?

My experience was really good. In the initial 5 minutes you experience a weird cold sensation but that fades to numb feeling. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the whole treatment, and I was actually quite comfortable, I even watched a movie. After the treatment I didn’t experience any of the side effects they mentioned. I even moved house the next day.

How you felt with your results after your fat freezing procedure?

I’m absolutely blown away with my results, so much so that I had my second treatment the day I was shown my initial results. I look forward to trying a few more treatments on other areas, I’m definitely a fan.

Find out more about Sian on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skincareblogger/

By Amber Moncrieff, Practice Director, Renew Medispa by Hunter Plastic Surgery


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