Daniel Goldberg, Director | Glomesh


This week we spoke to Daniel Goldberg, Director of iconic Australian brand, Glomesh. The Glomesh story is as intriguing as it’s founders, Hungarian immigrants Louis and Alice Kennedy.


The brand has been a favourite among fashionable women the world over for more than 60 years and in recent times has undergone something of a resurrection, under the proud watch of Goldberg. The brand has kept its distinct opulent vibe, which will appeal to those who knew the brand from yesteryear, while becoming a hit with fashion influencers of today.


See their latest collection in our recent editorial shoot below.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the history of Glomesh?

Glomesh was founded by my Hungarian immigrant Grandparents Louis & Alice Kennedy in Bondi in 1958.


That’s where our iconic metal mesh was being produced in stunning golds, silvers and beautiful rich enamel colours.


Glomesh was obviously famous for handbags, purses & clutches but we were equally renowned for our cigarette holders, lighters, lipstick cases and make-up compacts.


I would say during the late 50’s through to the mid 80’s, Glomesh ended up creating it’s very own sub-culture within Australia, the brand went that stratospheric!

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Why did you decide to re-launch Glomesh?

I’m a big believer in that if a brand was once great and for whatever reason disappeared, then it has the potential to be great again. It’s just a matter of how you intend to evolve that brand, whilst remaining connected to its original ethos and brand identity. Not an easy task mind you.


So it was this reasoning, obviously coupled with the fact that my Grandparents founded Glomesh that I contemplated relaunching.


However, what finally solidified my decision to relaunch was the mere fact that I kept seeing – time and time again – young girls in ripped denim with a vintage Glomesh bag strapped across their body. The whole look was just timeless and looked hot.

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Why do you think the metal mesh has become such an iconic fabrication for Glomesh?

As fabulous as the metal mesh is, quite simply – I think you can thank my Grandparents for their incredible marketing and charming the pants off department store buyers.


They were both very charismatic individuals and had this razor sharp focus in setting out to make Glomesh this larger than life must have accessory during the disco era and beyond. Off the back of that momentum, Glomesh just became this fantastic household name – and even during the brands dormancy, the strength of the Glomesh brand never once dissipated. Now that’s pretty incredible.

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What’s next for Glomesh?

I have to remain a little ambiguous here, but I am designing several new collections and Glomesh will also be entering new product categories as well as new overseas markets. It’s a really exciting time.


What does Glomesh mean to you?

Well, Glomesh is how my family started their lives in Australia – so it means a great deal to me. The legacy they left is very special and I feel honoured to be in a position to continue that legacy.

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Does Glomesh have a muse?

80’s Jessica Lange.


What celebrity would you love to see accessorising with Glomesh?

Lou Doillon (daughter of Jane Birkin)


Finally, what are three words you would use to describe Glomesh?

Sumptuous, Timeless, Class.

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