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In Book Four, Façon interviewed Iconic Australian Ita Buttrose…

You’ve been described as a great supporter of women and someone who uplifts and promotes those around you. Do you think we as women do enough to support each other?

I think it’s improved a lot and I’m pleased about that. There have always been women leaders who have supported other women however there have been other women who were not supportive. Having had to battle long and hard to get to a senior position some of them thought “it was tough for me, you can fight your own battle like I did.” That attitude has slowly changed and among younger women today there seems to be much more awareness of the need for the women to encourage each other. Women are more supportive these days and there are many women who, like me, are now in mentoring roles, helping younger women, trying to share a bit of wisdom and knowledge, and to encourage them not only to look where the opportunities are but to
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Image: Courtesy of Ita Buttrose and Studio 10

To read more of our interview with Ita Buttrose pick up a copy of Façon Book Four, The Iconic Australians Issue at a newsagent near you.

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