KARLA ŠPETIĆ’s Bold New Reason For Being

Launching at Australian Fashion Week, Karla named the new collection “Ikigai”, which translates to “a reason for being”. Keep reading to hear what Karla has to say about this new direction.

“This collection was conceived from my fascination with cult art-house Japanese cinema.

“I found myself entranced by the work of master film-makers like Shohei Imamura and Kenji Mizoguchi. I adore the obscure elements in the work of Takahashi Shimzu. His horror franchise, Ju-On, is captivating, unique and interesting. I love the profoundly original and there’s so much to admire in Japanese creativity,” says Karla.

“I love everything about Japan, the culture, the way of being, the exact aesthetic mixed with desire. The Heian Era silhouettes and hair styles in the Shogun series, the cult classic Kill Bill film by Tarantino. Even the song by Meiko Kaji, on Kill Bill Volume 1, ‘The Flower of Carnage’ was on repeat in my head.

“That aesthetic and spirit began emerging as I was designing the collection,” she says. “It was an unexpected path that evolved into my own story.”

“‘Ikigai’ describes the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment people have when they follow their path. I love the idea that whatever gives you purpose is entirely individual and depends completely on who you are as a person,” she says.

“I have followed through with my feelings and ideas with this collection, so I feel the concept of ‘Ikigai’ at work in my personal life. I was looking for a strong sense of individuality and freedom this season.”

Karla says the collection has a spirit of sensuality, with lingerie prints on garments and lacy garter belts.

“The lingerie prints are in some ways a bit humorous,” she says. “I imagine people doing a double-take and saying. ‘Wait, what, oh, that’s a print!’

“Our collaboration with the Lovehoney brand, which is all about female freedom and empowerment, celebrates and normalizes feminine self-pleasure.
“I wanted a feeling of freedom, ease and comfort in the garments,” says Karla. ”They’re slightly deconstructed, undone.”

“Sleeves and collars on tailored pieces can be detached and the garment can morph into various silhouettes, as if slashed by a “Katana” sword. I want them to be free and easy to move in.”

Karla’s fabrics are mostly sourced in Japan. “They arrive beautifully packaged, with little notes and incredibly thoughtful attention to detail.”

The colour palette is bold and contrasts black, white, various shades of blue with injections of “Tarantino red”.

Knitwear in the collection is a mix of blue/black/white palette combinations mimicking the texture of lace. The pieces are easy to wear and versatile as sets or separates.

There is a strong focus on lace in this collection with stretch body con floral lace pieces in wearable separates that can be paired to create an array of looks, as well as beautiful corded lace in a variety of elevated separates.

Swimwear separates are paired with sheer pieces.”They’re perfect for a summer vacation at your favourite resort, or making you feel like you’re there,” says Karla.

Models will tread the runway in Crocs to showcase the collection’s sense of comfort and ease.

“It’s going to be incredible to see all these elements come together in one magic moment. I feel my personal Ikigai,” says Karla.

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