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When Newcastle’s newest style icon moved in next door to the Façon studio we couldn’t wait to get acquainted. As it turns out, Lauren Steel is a girl after our own heart.Coming from almost a decade in the publishing industry Lauren has worked for some of the country’s most coveted lifestyle mastheads and before following her love to the coastal calls of Newcastle, she was the online editor of Vogue Living.

Today, Lauren has combined her creativity, love of beautiful objects and flair for discovering the unusual and unique into her passion-project, House of Lita, which she co-owns with Brigita Millard. Upon entering Lauren’s beautifully curated and breezy warehouse for our Luxe Profile shoot, one feels as though one is stepping into the glossy pages of a magazine.

With a love of simplicity, modern lines, pared-back neutrals and pops of colour, it is difficult to pigeonhole Lauren’s interior style, other than that of implicit good taste and authenticity.

Q & A

How would you describe your style and what are you influenced by? I would describe my style as classic, minimal and partial to a pop of colour. I’m influenced by great interior design books and magazines and other beautifully styled spaces and interiors that I come across in said books, social media and the ones I am lucky enough to see and admire in real life for work.

Please can you describe the house of your dreams? The house of my dreams is white, filled with beautifully designed furniture, has an impressive collection of art adorning the walls, streams an abundance of natural light, is mostly neutral with hints of pastel hues and brass accents and has a pink-peach coloured door. Oh, and a beach view and a backyard pool would be nice, too.

Back to reality, what is your favourite piece of furniture or art and what drew you to it? My favourite piece of art is my Vicki Lee work from her collection titled Night Rain. I worked with Vicki a few years ago now and when she explained the meaning of it to me — the visual of it illustrates the feeling inside you when you’re burst- ing with love — I knew right then I had to own it and it is one of my best home purchases to date.

What are your top three objects of desire for your living room? My Huski Studios ‘The Uni’ chair, my Vicki Lee artwork and my Moroccan cactus silk cushions.

You have great taste in interiors, tell us about your ward- robe. What’s your go-to outfit for spring? Anything and everything linen in classic, timeless shapes and neutral colours.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, some- thing blue… What are your most cherished items and why? Something old is my tan Baxter boots, which were my mum’s, and I not only cherish them but also wear them constantly. Something borrowed is my husband Mitch’s grandmother’s light pink Glomesh, which has accompanied to many special occasions since my moth- er- in-law and father-in-law gave it to me. Something blue would have to be our new house, which is currently blue (inside and out!) that we’re just about to embark a renovation on.

Final words, who’s your style icon and why? I adore Edwina Forest’s (founder and creative director of Aje) style — it’s the perfect fusion of elegant, playful and timeless.


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Editorial: Lara Lupish
Marketing/PR: Claudia Liebenberg

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