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In Book Four, Façon interviewed Iconic Australian Napoleon Perdis…

As a father to four daughters, how do you hope to empower young women through your work?

I am and have always been a huge supporter of female empowerment. The inspiration for many of my ranges are strong female role models like Amelia Earhart for my popular Auto Pilot Priming collection and Greek goddesses for my Devine Goddess Lipstick collection. As a father of four daughters I believe it’s so important to teach and empower my staff and my customers. My daughter Lianna is also really passionate about strong women, standing up for what’s right and anti-bullying, which makes me a very proud Dad.

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Image courtesy Napoleon Perdis

To read more of our interview with Napoleon Perdis pick up a copy of Façon Book Four, The Iconic Australians Issue at a newsagent near you.

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