Newcastle Fashion Label Brings Colour to the Corporate Scene

DRSSD has launched in Australia to give professional women the power to reject drab corporate attire and express themselves in styles where professionalism meets individuality.

Staying true to your authentic style when you are dressing for work can be a challenge. Jacqui Warren, the Founder and Chief Designer of DRSSD, has created a brand that bridges the gap between individual style and corporate expectations, enabling women to feel confident and comfortable while they are at work.

“During my legal studies at university, part of the discussion was around what we should wear in the courtroom,” Jacqui said.

“The lecturer went into immense detail about the men’s dress code, explaining what colours were appropriate right down to how many buttons should feature on their jackets.

“When it came to women’s court-friendly attire, the instructions given were simply to replicate ‘what the men wear’. That simply wasn’t a good enough answer for me.”

Fashion has long been a way for self-expression, however for some professions, the ability to break out and express yourself hasn’t been available.

Determined to offer women more flattering, unique, and vibrant choices for their workwear, Jacqui has created a brand that rethinks the traditional parameters of the corporate suit.

“An outfit can transform how we feel coming to work every day. DRSSD was designed to offer women of all professions the opportunity to step away from traditional blacks, greys and navys and be inspired by a wardrobe which is as unique as they are,” Jacqui said.

An Australian label launched this year, DRSSD’s first collection is a range of lively and versatile designs that are elegant and high quality.

“Women are no longer content to mould themselves into the outdated ideas that enshroud the traditional corporate workwear scene. We want to feel inspired, comfortable and sophisticated as we move through our workday. DRSSD gives us this,” states Jacqui.

Based in Newcastle, NSW, DRSSD is committed to maintaining ethical and environmental responsibility. Each piece in the collection is made using primarily natural fibres, with 100% recycled or compostable packaging materials.

To shop the first collection, visit the DRSSD website.

Images by Scott Harrison from Daily Salt

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