Our Promise to Support Small Business in Newcastle

by | Mar 18, 2020

We are all aware that the COVID-19 Pandemic is a significant issue at the moment, both globally and locally. The world has witnessed substantial change during this short period of time and, consequently, local business owners are concerned about what’s in store for Australia’s economy.

The team at Façon are continuing to support small local businesses and encourage you to do the same. Newcastle is lucky to be home to so many great locally owned stores and we want these to survive and thrive during this time, so they are still here for us to enjoy long into the future. From clothing boutiques to salons and bath & body stores (such as the newly opened Scrubba Body) our local businesses are what gives Newcastle its unique charm.

Shop Local

When and if possible, please keep small businesses in mind during your next shopping trip. Rest assured that many places have heightened their sanitisation measures as well as offering (and encouraging) cashless payments.

Shop Online

Understandably not all feel comfortable going out during this time. Never fear, as there is an abundance of small Newcastle businesses which also offer online shopping. These include online shopping websites, Facebook or Instagram boutiques or even over-the-phone orders! This is a great way to support these businesses from the comfort of your own home.

Purchase Gift Cards

Another great option in place to support these businesses is to purchase gift cards now (either online or in store) which can then be used to go shopping later (once the virus has passed).

Façon wants to support Newcastle in this time by helping small business get through this period and hope you can do the same.

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Stay safe and well!

Written by Olga Scorer

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