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Going from travelling around the country on a sold out tour to spending months isolating at home, 2020 has been a complete change in gears for Ricki-Lee. With live shows being cancelled and hosting duties on hold as filming for Australia’s Got Talent is pushed back, the Façon Covergirl decided to use all this free time to spread some positivity and put some feel-good music into the world.

The multi-platinum selling & ARIA nominated singer/songwriter is going back to her roots with the brand new pop/dance anthem, Last Night. Written and produced by Throttle, Last Night sees a return to the sound Ricki-Lee’s fans know and love – a sound so uplifting you can’t help but dance.

We spoke to Ricki – Lee around her exciting release which went to number one on the iTunes charts over the weekend.

What inspired Last Night?

My biggest inspiration when I write songs is my own life – so you can tell what I’m going through by listening to my music. And this song is just all loved up! This is a song about that kinda love where you just can’t get enough of someone…that someone being my husband Rich! And if there’s one thing ISO has taught me it’s that there’s nobody I’d rather spend every hour of every day with! 

Why now?

When this global pandemic hit and my whole schedule for the year was cleared, like so many others – I decided I wanted to be productive rather than just laying around all day like I was retired! Hahaha I’d already written this song and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, and my friends have been bullying me for SO LONG to put it out – so I decided to finish it and put it out to the world! And I’m so excited for everyone to hear it and dance to it and sing along with it!

What can we expect to hear?

Last Night is such a feel good song – it’s going back to my dance/pop roots, which is what my fans love the most and personally what I love the most! Every day I listen to this kind of music, when I workout, when I’m driving in the car singing at the top of my lungs and when I’m having drinks with friends! I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

With the track debuting at #1 on the Australian iTunes Chart, this feels like a new beginning for Ricki-Lee. As social restrictions continue to ease across the country, more and more people will be turning to positive anthems like Last Night, ready to (safely) spread the love.

Last Night by Ricki-Lee is available now on all streaming platforms. The official lyric video is also available now on YouTube.

Photo by Max Doyle

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