Our Tips and Tricks for Nailing the Perfect Headshot

by | Oct 10, 2019

Your corporate headshot may be the first piece of material a person sees when they engage with your business. A good headshot is essential in order to portray a professional and capable image of yourself, your team and your workplace.

Whether it’s casual and fun, or serious and corporate, a headshot needs to personalise and humanise your business. A stake holder or potential lead should not be intimidated by you, but should still take you seriously as a professional.

Nailing the perfect headshot can be difficult, so read on for our tips and tricks.

1. Need Professional and Reportage Headshots

A professional headshot would involve you and your team, against a neutral backdrop, smiling or looking smart and strong. These types of headshots are great for profile pictures on social media and LinkedIn as well as CV’s and email signatures.

A reportage headshot is you, in your place of work, performing activities you would normally do. For an example, a reportage headshot for an accountant may be them, at their desk, in a client meeting or doing a presentation. These types of headshots are great for social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, and websites.

2. Hire Hair and Makeup Artists

Hair and makeup, everyone needs it! Yes, even the guys. It’s important to have uniform and matte skin, so as not to appear shiny when being the subject of flash photography. Hiring a makeup artist is a definite must, especially for big teams.

The same rule applies for hair. Take the uncertainty and stress out of your headshot production by hiring a hair person to style and make sure everyone’s hair is looking their best. While it may seem excessive, you want your whole team to be happy with the results of their headshots, and to use them for a long time!

3. Prepare

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! A photoshoot is a big production. Whether it’s for a team of 5 or a team of 50, a lot of planning, timing and scheduling needs to happen in order to pull a shoot off seamlessly. This is where hiring a company to take over production can come in handy!

At Façon Creative, we are experts in producing big shoots, coordinating large groups of people and delivering great results. We recently completed a shoot for Paul Beath Dental at Merewether, where they required headshots for their team of 20+, reportage images and web banners incorporating team members and models posing as patients. The shoot was a full day of work, organised seamlessly and running to a tight schedule. Keep reading to see the great testimonial we received from Dr. Boulton after his experience with us.

“We were so grateful to have Lara and the Façon team for our photo shoot and team building day which was very well planned and executed. The Façon team did all of the work behind the scenes in the lead up and ran the day smoothly without any issues. They were very professional, yet great fun to work with. Lara and the team were such a support and we were all made to feel special – Lara’s positive enthusiasm was beaming all day. I can highly recommend Façon Creative to deliver a professional, high quality, stress free and well polished result from start to finish.”

– Dr. Edward Boulton, Owner of Paul Beath Dental Practice, Merewether NSW

Façon Creative are a Newcastle content creation and social media management agency that produces international quality imagery and marketing campaigns. We take a holistic approach to our work, providing start-to-end production. The client is assured they will receive fantastic results, with our team assisting in every aspect of the process. Please contact our Account Manager, Jack Bailey with any enquires at jack@faconaustralia.com

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