Your New Favourite Bag Has Just Arrived!

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Designers

The Crayon Bag pays homage to the nostalgic writing utensil of our childhoods, the crayon. The bag’s double-straps mimic the signature black lines of a crayon, offering a subtle nod to those carefree days when it was just you, an A4 and a rainbow of colors.

Made from glazed vegan leather, The Crayon Bag is an invitation to explore, create, and add some color to your life. In every stitch, in every detail, you’ll find a reminder that the world is your canvas, and with this bag by your side, you are the artist of your own journey.

In 1954 Marlboro released a series of ads portraying rugged men in wild terrain smoking filtered cigarettes. The ads were originally conceived as a way to popularize filtered cigarettes, which at the time were considered feminine. In its latest campaign the brand pays homage to the Marlboro Man. This time carrying a bow bag instead of a cigarette.

It may take more than a cowboy to sell bows to boys. Between confident masculinity and bold femininity, the energy projected by the bag is much dependent upon the wearer (and possibly the passage of time..)

This new iteration of the Crayon Bag will be available on March 27 in two sizes: classic and bite-size, with options for one or two bows. Prices will range from $210 to $300. Both styles will be sold exclusively via the Urban Sophistication website.

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