By Lara Lupish Editor-in-Chief

As fashion houses all over the world look at new and innovative ways to show collections, Australia’s iconic Zimmermann sits next to the best of them coming out of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, New York & London.

The In Concert Fall 21 RTW collection hit the digital airwaves with a simultaneous international release that absolutely “rocked.” And I’m sure that was quite deliberate on Nicky’s behalf as she took influence and drew inspiration from the iconic Australian music television show Countdown famous in the 70’s and 80’s.

Much as Countdown traversed eras of music and fashion and also set its own culture and style, so too does the latest collection by Zimmermann.

The 70’s inspired colour palette of rich burgundy, dark denim, mustards & browns with the perfect style of flares, long luxurious leather jackets and tailored safari style pant suits meander their way to join with the 80’s. Colour palettes of pastels, flip skirts, pussy bows and a divine meld of both eras into one consistent story that inspires and whisks us away to a bygone era that feels very post moderne.

I just love this collection!

Check out the video of the runway if you missed it on it’s release last Friday and click on the BTS film to see how the whole show came together.

Congratulations to Nicky Zimmermann and the brilliant creative team behind this collection and this launch. Thank you for keeping Australia on the world fashion map!



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