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Façon is no stranger to an incredibly talented variety of creative individuals, and make up artist Dean Blaq is no exception. Coming onto the team for a number of Façon Book Three fashion shoots, Dean has always been drawn to expressing himself through make up and art, inventing new looks and using his skill to make others feel beautiful on the inside and look spectacular on the outside.

Establishing his prowess with a brush and inspired by the likes of Pat McGrath and Val Garland, Dean has well and truly cemented himself as a bold and brilliant makeup artist, most recently being Fashion Certified by MAC Cosmetics. Façon caught up with Dean to talk upcoming winter trends, advice on how to become a makeup artist & three products he can’t go without.

Façon: What made you decide to get into make up artistry and how did you learn the skills needed?

Dean: As a kid I have always been so interested in makeup, I remember I would draw and design the packaging of how my own makeup line would look like.

As I grew up in high school, I was always obsessed with art and colour; so the two worlds kind of joined together.

The skills I picked up are really through my passion of learning new techniques so I don’t become stagnant with my work. I did a short course when I first started out, however it’s been through challenging myself and paying attention to my mentors and their feedback that helps support my growth in this ever changing industry.

Façon: Who inspires you?

Dean: People that inspire me are from different forms of media and pop culture.

I am obsessed with colour but also raw/ organic looks, so I really have a broad list of inspirations.

If I could ever make a short list of makeup inspirations it would be, Val Garland, Alex Box, Nicole Thompson, Kevyn Aucion, Pat McGrath, but really could go on.

Façon: What’s your favourite thing about fashion makeup?

Fashion makeup to me is where I let my creative mind get challenged.

I’m very comfortable with all sorts of makeup execution, however, glam/ natural beauty looks would be more of an area I cover the most. So when fashion and makeup have a mix, it’s a time I get to be more creative to help support and tell a story for the pieces and the art direction.

I am totally obsessed with texture and all things that compliment one another, but also love unconventional colours and placement, and fashion makeup really helps me go down that path. I love it!

Façon: Any advice for anyone who wants to get into becoming a make up artist?

Dean: Keep learning and keep being passionate. Don’t become complacent as it’s always changing and you don’t want to be stuck behind. Be confident with your application and also have knowledge in all brands of makeup and skincare. It’s a great tool to have as a makeup artist to be confident in your products that you stock in your kit or what you represent, just so you can trust the performance of the product and also have quality control of what you are producing. As makeup artists we are our clients prescription to makeup, and we need to know what we are using to cater for their needs.

Don’t get in the hype of beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube and what they are doing or using. Sure they are great inspiration videos, but I would not suggest to watch these videos to learn from or as a tutorial to learn your techniques.

I would suggest to learn the traditional way of reading books; especially Kevyn Aucoin books, and following pro artists and what their story is. Go to college or attend events and Master classes to gain different technique tips from different artists.

And of course, practice, practice and practice.

Façon: If you weren’t a make up artist, what would you be?

Dean: Totally in fashion or film. I’ve always been creative, so they would definitely be my other career paths. I don’t think I could do a 9-5 job, I would be the worst employee as I would be totally not be stimulated.

However, I have kind of joined the two together through my career as a makeup artist, as I’ve worked with fashion and film in my current profession. So in a small way, I actually am in the two fields anyway.


Bold colour, pick a focus, whether it be eyes or lips, but just one. Experiment with colour, whether it be a new bolder colour for lips or a colour mascara/ liner for eyes. Natural skin – I’m not a huge fan of heavy foundation, I love when skin can be seen, so it’s good to see this trend becoming more relatable and accepting to a wider audience. Just make sure skin is well conditioned. Frost lips! – A 3D glittery effect on the lips is the most exciting trend right now. The effect it sets on the lips is like a galaxy. Just obsessed with it. If you don’t have a frost lipstick and want to try before you commit to a new lipstick, use any matte textured lipstick and a metallic eyeshadow of your choice, and lightly press into the lips as an alternative – it’s another tip I love to share.

Three products you can’t live without?

Moisturiser, bronzer and something for the lips, whether it’s a lip balm, gloss or lipstick. 🙌🏼