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What was the best piece of beauty advice passed down to you from your mother?
I don’t think it came from her giving beauty advice but from a concern for my health: she always taught us to wear sunscreen!

What is your definition of beauty and when do you feel most beautiful?
Beauty is when you’re confident in yourself. I feel confident in myself when I eat well and take care of myself, stick to my skincare regimen and work out regularly. When I do all these things, I feel fit and healthy, have lots of energy to stay on top of my tasks, and my skin is clear and glowing.


Chloe Morello- Australian Beauty Blogger

What is your favourite beauty trend at the moment?
I love the creamy, dewy skin! Less contour and more strobing – it’s so fresh for summer.

What is a beauty trend you wish didn’t happen?
I saw a lot of unique coloured lipsticks coming out last year: grey, blue, silver and black, which are definitely cool and good to add to your collection, although I’m happy the classic red lip is back. I may still use the black and greys for my tutorials for something fun, however!

What is your best-kept beauty secret?
James Read Facial Tanner! I love to go bare skinned on my face to help keep it clear of congestion – since I am applying and removing makeup so often – and using a fake tan on my face gives it a glow and helps to create the appearance of a more even skin tone without having to apply foundation.

Three products you couldn’t live without?
My Face Halo’s to remove my makeup, Dr Spiller Skincare regime (their cream cleanser, toner and day/night cream), and maybe James Read facial tanner. The base is the most important part of your makeup, so all the products I’ve listed are to do with skin maintenance.

What advice would you give aspiring beauty bloggers?
Do it the honest way! I see many bloggers ‘cheating’ by buying followers and engagement using comment pods as a way to boost their engagement. This can turn to around to bite you in the butt if you begin working with brands. I would advise against it and instead, focus on your content and creating what you love to share with your audience.



Chloe Morello

Top three tips to growing your platform?
1. Utilise tools like vidIQ, social blade and iconosquare to study your analytics and learn when is the best time to post, what your audience respond best to, and track your progress. 2. Spread word of your blog by being an active member of the community, comment on similar pages’ posts, have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page and YouTube channel and be very active across all of those. 3. Interact with your followers! I adore my followers and love to read and respond to their comments – it’s my favourite part of it all. Not only does it form a close relationship with your audience but it helps to figure out what kinds of posts people are enjoying. Also, I’ve made so many friends from all over the world – some of them are coming to my wedding, from all over the world! For example, I once had a meet up in Brussels, Belgium, we went for dinner and drinks, and some of those girls I’m still in touch with and even stayed with one of them the following year, and we had a little reunion with many of the others who I had stayed in touch with. I have made friends for life, all over the world.

You are a most-sought after ambassador for brands, how do you decide who you’ll partner with?
It’s extremely easy to decide who to partner with. If I like the product/brand, I may say yes. If I don’t, it’s an easy no. Sometimes I do like the product but don’t like what the brand is asking of me, so I say no. I have to admit that sometimes the money offered is so good that it hurts to turn down. Only recently I was offered a huge job – the pay was way bigger than normal, but couldn’t accept because the brand had wanted me to say certain talking points. Even though I liked the product, and I regularly use it, I don’t want to be scripted. My YouTube channel is my main job, so I make my base income because YouTube places ads that go next to my videos or before my videos play. Therefore, it would be counterproductive to annoy my audience by taking on brand deals that could make them distrust me and not want to subscribe to me.

How can we keep our skin looking fresh and healthy this party season?
Drinking loads of water, I keep one of those water bottles with the sippy straws in them on me at all times. The in-built straw makes a world of difference, honestly, I am constantly sipping on water all day! I also believe regular facials help; you don’t really need to go to an expensive salon, you can buy mud masks at the chemist too. But I like to get herbal facial peels at a salon every two months. Invest in a good skin care system too, I recommend buying a system from the same brand, from the same range, so you can be sure that the products are designed to be used together. Sometimes the ingredients in our products can be quite harsh and can even react badly with other ingredients, so using a single line can ensure you won’t be, in fact, damaging your skin. Having a facial to diagnose your skin and prescribe a skin care regime can be a huge help. That’s what I did and how I ended up using Dr Spiller for the past three years. [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” icon_size=”” image=”fa-stop”][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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