Dermatologist Dr Sally de Zwaan and Registered Nurse Sarah Relic are two of Coco Skin Laser Health’s expert clinicians, treating clients for a range of medical and cosmetic skin conditions.

From their light-filled state-of-the-art suites overlooking  Newcastle Harbour, Sally and Sarah discuss the importance of great skincare as part of a holistic health and wellness philosophy.  With beautiful glowing skin and wide knowing smiles, the Coco Ambassadors also share a few of their own beauty secrets with the Facon team.

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Coco’s reception area

“Every client that walks through our door is welcomed as an individual,” says Sarah. “We listen to their needs and their desired outcomes and then provide bespoke treatments, product recommendations and advice.”

Coco has the distinct advantage of being run by medically trained professionals and part owners Sally and Sarah are keen to emphasize Coco’s evidence based practices.

“We test every product and treatment before offering it to our clients. We need to know and understand the outcomes and we only offer the very best on the market. All of our clients have the reassurance of being seen by a registered nurse and the potential for a medical review of any worrying skin problems if necessary, prior to treatment,” says Sally.

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The view from Coco’s meeting room

Sally and Sarah practice what they preach when it comes to good skin care and both have an almost identical regime that has daily and annual components in an effort to maximize their skin health. As Sally describes,

“We both have a morning and evening skin ritual using products that are replete with antioxidants, vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids and active ingredients that have been proven to enhance the skin’s appearance and limit the effects of ageing. We use mineral make up which we take off at the end of the day with cleanser before using a rich night cream, Sarah also applies an under eye serum.”

Sally and Sarah use their knowledge of skincare products and brands to also advise individual clients on how to tailor their daily routine, but both agree that there is one very simple and low-cost product everyone should use: sunscreen.

“Applying sunscreen every day before leaving the house is about the best thing you can do for your skin. It’s cheap, it’s proven to protect you from ageing, sun damage and if you are already using it, you are over halfway to having great skin,” Sarah states.

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Co-owners of Coco Skin Laser Health Sarah Relic and Dr Sally de Zwaan

Throughout the year the fresh-faced pair use a combination of different treatments to boost their naturally beautiful complexions, complement their daily product use and combat sun damage and fine lines.

“We are both very much about enhancing our natural appearance and all of Coco’s well trained team are experts at providing treatments designed to complement this.

“I am a big fan of broadband light therapy once or twice per year as well as anti wrinkle injections and occasional sessions of Omnilux light therapy for my sun damage. I love walking and being outside at the beach in Newcastle with my six month old son, but it does mean that even with regular application of sunscreen I still need to treat my skin for the effects of sun, year in year out,” says Sarah.

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Sally is equally pragmatic in her approach.  “Since having three beautiful children who are now nine, eight and four I have an annual Halo laser facial that penetrates deep skin tissue to deal with my melasma, more commonly known as ‘the mask of pregnancy’.

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“The results are amazing and not only does it get rid of the brown pigmentation blemishes, it plumps my skin to help it look less tired and more youthful. I also have anti wrinkle injections a couple of times per year.”

Sally and Sarah are both driven by great results and the passion they have for transforming clients’ skin is the most enjoyable part of their work at Coco.

“We love that clients leave our rooms with a renewed self-confidence. It is wonderful to help people be genuinely happier in their own skin,” says Sarah.

The Coco staff are all big believers in having an integrated approach to skin and health care, which Sally describes as being important in her own life.

“Sarah and I both support our skincare regimes with a healthy lifestyle that includes meditation, exercise and a good diet. We encourage our clients to make healthy choices in their lives which reflects in the appearance of their skin.

Coco’s holistic approach to great skin and health includes offering weekly yoga classes from their stunning fifth floor suites, something they plan to expand in 2017 along with adding meditation sessions to their growing list of services.

“We want to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome from our tailored skin and laser treatments and we believe that when combined with an overall healthy approach to life, the results are truly amazing,” concludes Sarah.

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