New York Fashion Week always brings a spectacular array of Autumn/Winter designs that set the scene for the coming year of fashion, and this year was no exception.!! For 2017, the recurring theme across the shows was the eclectic mix of textures used throughout the collections, everything from slick leather in Alexander Wang and Clear PVC over bold colours at Calvin Klein, through to heavier elements such as chain mail at Ralph Lauren and corduroy at Marc Jacobs.

Controversially, one of the biggest returns to the runway this year at New York Fashion Week is fur, heavily featured in a large number of collections, including Michael Kors, Brandon Maxwell, Thom Browne, Anna Sui,Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenburg, to some adding that extra element of luxury unattainable high fashion and old Hollywood glamour to the collections, to others abomination of animal rights.

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Florals, although always making an appearance during any fashion week, were significantly featured in the Marchesa show, with almost every design adorning some kind of floral embellishment, they also were seen in bold splashes throughout the Delpozo show, Anna Sui brought us florals on velvet and chiffon with an oriental inspiration, while Emilia Wickstead had a more Victorian take on the trend.!

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Bold colours were prominent in some collections, while others went with a more neutral palette, if you’re feeling the winter blues after a week of dreary weather, a canary yellow coat covered in PVC from Calvin Klein or a Plum double breasted number from Diane von Furstenburg may be for you, if you are after something that will exude the seasonal colours, a grey woollen trench from Thom Browne or brown tweed coat with fur cuffs from Marc Jacobs could be the right choice.

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Alexander Wang brought us fierce grunge with black leather and a dark array of deep blue and navy, only lightening to a few pieces of grey, while Tommy Hilfiger on the other hand had a bright and bubbly extravaganza, from the models arriving on the Tommy Hilfiger jet, to the vivacious show and then the glamorous after-party, the ‘Tommyland’ show set out to make the viewers feel immersed in an entirely different world.!

Another trend returning this season is slogans
on sweaters and shirts and designer takes on everyday wear like pyjamas. House of Holland’s collection brought all kinds of wild
and wonderful slogans and prints, each outfit
more outrageous than the next, while Ashish showed us anything can be done in sequins, from Christmas sweaters to Baseball jerseys, some emblazoned with inspirational quotes like ‘Fall In Love & Be More Tender’ .!