4:00 AM


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My alarm goes off but it’s not necessary. I’m already awake. I never sleep much the night before a big shoot day. The nerves, they are relentless! I’ve been doing this for 20 years and every new shoot is the same: a beautiful mix of excitement and anticipation that I am totally addicted to. Today is going to be amazing and I cannot wait to get started. Let’s go!


5:00 AM 


The beautiful Kate Richie has arrived for hair & make up and my nerves begin to settle. We’ve worked together many times before and Kate’s infectious personality and positivity is a pleasure to be around. Lilly Miljkovic, Kate’s go-to hair and makeup artist is ready to get started and so the prep begins. Lilly is one of the best in the business and Kate is in the safest of hands.

Time for me to grab a coffee and catch a quick glimpse of the sunrise before the rest of the crew arrive. I learnt a long time ago that you’ve got to take these moments when you come.

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6:30 AM 


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The team has arrived and everyone is in seriously good spirits. We are incredibly lucky to be hosted by The Anchorage Port Stephens. It is like being in the Hamptons up here and is a favorite getaway for a lot of my celebs!

During the week I had the privileged of dining with General Manager, Ali Hnaien an utterly charming man – originating from Naples – who appreciates luxury and style. I think he’ll be happy to see fellow Italians, Salvatore Ferragamo and Giorgio Armani, on set today. Not in person, that is, but their wonderful collections that Kate Ritchie will be wearing.

We’ll be shooting at the The Anchorage resort and it’s surrounding beaches & the pristine turquoise waters (my favorite colour), before setting sail aboard a 46 ft yacht, appropriately christened Champagne on Ice.

It’s a tough life, I know.

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8:00 AM 


The most amazing pieces have been arriving at my desk all week ahead of our shoot today…Chanel, Armani, Dior, Constantina and Louise, Carla Zampatti…the clothes racks are full of luxury fashion and I LOVE IT!!

The luxury international collections are just arriving on our shores and we are one of the first to shoot them. This is what it is all about. Red looks like it is going to be huge this season and will look just divine on Kate, as will the exquisite pieces from Paspaley. The excitement builds.

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10:00 AM 


We are close to wrapping up the third look and I over the moon with how it’s all coming together, which is no surprise really when we are working with acclaimed photographer Peter Brew-Bevan. Peter has worked with just about every big name under the sun from Cate Blanchett to Jimmy Barnes. I am so grateful to have him and his team on set today as his work is perfection.

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10:30 AM 


While I don’t want to alarm anyone, this is the moment I have been slightly concerned about and maybe added to my sleepless night. Dylan, my fashion assistant and I are about to maneuver $250,000 worth of clothing and jewelry onto a bobbing yacht.  It’s a perfect day with no wind – and I checked my insurances on Friday – so we should be OK. We will be spending the next three hours on the glistening waters of Port Stephens .

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12:00 PM 

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Lunchtime courtesy of The Anchorage and they have put on an amazing platter. We sit for 15 minutes and enjoy the moment. In a busy day it is nice to remember that the work we do is a true privilege and one that should be appreciated. We’ve just got three more shots and then it’s a wrap.


3:00 PM 


Time to disembark and the crew from Blue Water Sailing have been fantastic. A huge thank you to our skipper, Mark, and his crew. The Façon team will be back!!

Our last shot is one of the most important of the day as this will potentially be our cover. I’ve had my designer on set with me all day mocking up pages as we go. It is going to be almost impossible to edit. I cannot wait to show you these pages.


4:00 PM 


That’s a wrap. It has been a fabulous day and I’m exhausted but happy. I’m so proud of the whole team and I am eternally grateful to Kate Ritchie and Erin, her manager, for making today happen. I can’t wait to show you the whole 12-page cover story in Façon Book Four, The Iconic Australians issue.

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A huge thank you to Ali and everyone at The Anchorage for having us, Rhonda and her crew from Blue Water Sailing, Peter Brew-Bevan, Leif Prenzlau, Mark Wilson, Helena Vitolins from Work Agency, Erin Keneally from Morrissey Management, Lilly Miljkovic, Dylan Greig, Danielle Crosher, Sara Richardson and Paul Dear.

Façon Book Four hits stands December 21 and is available in all good newsagents across the country.

Visit www.faconaustralia.com for all the latest news and behind the scenes on our upcoming fashion editorials and also follow us on Instagram at facon_au and Facebook Facon Australia.