This Boxing Day release your inner Anna Wintour and stay clear of ‘fast fashion’, instead investing in pieces that you’ll still love in years to come.
Here’s our top 5 ‘must have’ items to invest in at this years sale.
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The blazer.

A good quality, timeless blazer will stay with you longer than most relationships and it will never let you down.

Keep an eye out for pieces from Balmain (pictured) and Carla Zampatti.

If and when these pieces are ever placed on the sale rack, whip out the credit card without delay.

Do not think twice.

This is an investment piece ‘must have’ and if there was ever a time to spend a weeks salary on one item, it’s now.

Dress it up with a sexy silk slip for Friday drinks, or pair it down with cut off denims for Sunday brunch: this item will take you anywhere.

The essential white shirt.

For those days when you swear you have absolutely nothing to wear…

A crisp white shirt is an easy ‘go to’ piece and can be worn for all occasions.

Glam it up with some statement jewels and a pair of cigarette trousers and you’ll easily stand out in a crowded bar.

Knot it at the front and throw on a pair of denims and you could lunch with Ralph Lauren himself.

Invest wisely in a designer shirt and always have it laundered and ironed by a professional to save on devastating colour disasters in the home laundry.

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There is something very empowering about buying yourself a beautiful set of luxurious underwear for no particular reason with only yourself in mind.

Every year we recommend a complete overhaul of your top drawer, using the Boxing Day sales to invest in pieces that make you feel like Parisian chic.

Nothing lifts the spirit quite like a matching set of lacy lingerie.

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The beach hat.

Let’s be honest, sexy beach-tousled locks only really happen in the salon.

For all other outdoor adventures involving sun, salt and summer breezes an en point beach hat is a ‘must have’ for the holiday season.

Australian label, Lack of Color, do a straw Boater (pictured on our very own Tahlia Moffitt) that we are currently obsessing over. Wear it to the beach, by the pool or to this summers hottest music festivals.


A Hermès scarf is another timeless classic that will last you a lifetime and ensure compliments on every outing.

It’s luxury at its best and can be worn in any season.

The best bit….when asked (and they will ask), ‘where did you get that beautiful scarf’, reply with a nonchalant ‘what, this? Oh…it’s Hermès’ *shrug*

We’re not sure if Hermès ever goes on sale, but if it does, buy the scarf….and while you’re at it, we are not impartial to the Hermès hinged bracelet in a range of colours…pretty please?!

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