The QT Hotel in Sydney is no ordinary hotel, take a step through the front doors and you’ll instantly feel transported in space and time.


Façon took luxury fashion from Xile boutique & Cerrone Jewellery and paired it with the mysterious glamour of the Gilt Lounge. The late night lounge oozes with the alluring sexy charisma of a New York cocktail bar where supermodels congregate to converse about sophisticated things.


The dimmed lighting highlights the shimmer of silky satins and sequins on your apparel.  Your skin looks glowy, regardless of whether you’ve been cooped up in the office all day. It’s the perfect spot to hit up with your girlfriends after work or for that well deserved night cap on a Friday night.




Photographer: Milos Mlynarik

Makeup: Mia Hawkswell

Hair: Yolanda Lukowski

Creative Director: Lara Lupish

Stylist: Madeline Jovicic

Models: Georgia Farley & India Stibilj

Location: QT Hotel Sydney

Fashion: Exile